Beyond The Boundary, Behind The Posts

I've been playing, watching, talking and thinking about cricket since I was a child and I've written about it in a range of publications - including The Cricketer International, The Journal of the Cricket Society and Cricket Lore - for more than twenty years.

When I'm not playing, watching, talking or thinking about cricket I do the same with rugby union.

I'll be writing about what's on my mind at the time I write. Giving my views on whatever or whoever's making the news in either sport, perhaps reflecting on some players, games or issues from the past and hopefully producing something which someone, somewhere, will enjoy reading.

Thanks for reading this far.

Now read on.


PhotographeDublin said...

A really good blog.

Cricket pitches are really interesting... I'm a gardener.


Kavi said...

I used to follow cricket passionately. Now, it has kind of diluted over years. Your blog rekindles that passion ! Its infectious !

Anonymous said...

Great blog Brian. Good to see links to sides like the Erratics. Surprised with your Middx connections there has been no reference to Wycombe House CC home of Shah and Scott.Come on give the club a link.

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