Hair Brained

Unlike many people I had some sympathy with Darrell Hair at the time of The Oval controversy last summer, believing that, however clumsily he did so (and he sure was clumsy), he was only applying the laws of cricket.

However, his decision to to sue the PCB and the ICC for alleged racial discrimination seems to be taking things a bit far, although, as a final comment from me, it does seem a pity that an umpire as good as Hair has effectively been banished from the international game purely because several countries have developed a dislike for him, while an umpire as consistently poor as Daryl Harper somehow remains a member of the ICC Elite Panel.

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Gundeep said...

It seems to me that Darrell hair's controversy highlighted in
cricket news, is on the soaring heights. He is entangled with banishments from internationals game. It is fair on Hair's part that he sued ICC and PCB. After all, defamation does occurred.

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