Where the Hell is (the) King of Prussia?

I've been writing this blog for two months now and I'm still:

a. Managing to think of things to write about (and relatively lucidly at that)


b. Enjoying it

What's more, a few people seem to read it, only a few of whom are my friends. I've had a visit from somebody in Singapore, a few recent ones from Australia and a surprising number from America, my favourite being one from 'King of Prussia, Pennsylvania'. I've been meaning to Google it to find out, but I assume that's a place and not a person.

However, although my original intention was to write about cricket and rugby, I've now decided to stick to cricket (with perhaps the odd mention of whatever else I'm doing in my life), even though the rugby season's just started and my team won today. If I can't resist the temptation to write about rugby later in the season I'll start another blog.

Announcement over. I'm off for a bath.

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