The Drugs Don't Work (But Your Hair Always Goes In The End)

Well, maybe they do. But, as nobody ever admits what they've taken, you can't be sure.

What we can be sure of, after the actions of the PCB last week, is that we won't be seeing Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif around this way for a while. In the case of Shoaib, it may be that his career in top-level cricket has come to an end. Mohammad Asif, apparently treated more leniently on account of his rural upbringing and consequent lack of awareness about drugs, will be seen again. He's far too good to go missing.

It's been what Pakistani cricket followers (and players) might regard as a bittersweet week. They've lost the services of their two best seam bowlers but their umpiring bete noir (Darrell Hair, in case you hadn't noticed) has been fired from the ICC Elite Panel.

I wonder if they'd agree to Hair continuing to umpire them if they could have the two bowlers back?

I think that's what's called a rhetorical question...

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