My favourite part of Miller's piece (link below) was his description of Chris Read 'sitting in fulminating silence' next to Duncan Fletcher and having to resist the temptation to slap him.

It wouldn't be a great career move, Chris, but then, with Fletcher in charge, what would it matter? I don't think he ever really rated you and he now probably just views you as a nuisance who won't go away.

I heard on the radio this morning that Fletcher had stated that he felt that he still held the confidence of the players.

Well, that's as maybe. But how many of his side are going to stick their heads above the parapet and say that they don't have confidence in him while he's still in charge? Nobody who wants to be picked again in a hurry, that's for sure.

On the other hand, most of England's finest seem so incapable of departing from ECB-approved media-speak that they find it even more difficult to say something incisive or interesting than they do to play well in one-day cricket.

And that is saying something.

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