Home Advantage

I didn't see a lot of it but it seems as though the West Indies played quite well at Sabina Park and managed to turn over both Pakistan and the form book. But then, if you look a little closer and think about it a bit more, you soon realise that with these two sides there's no such thing as a form book and it wasn't any real surprise that home advantage counted.

So, West Indies to blaze a trail through the competition over the next month, leaving everybody in their wake?

Well, that would be a real surprise...


Anonymous said...

I dont think with the degree of unpredictability the sides possess, the home advantage would have been the deciding factor. With teams as frail as westindies and pakistan the chances of unexpected result is very high because none of the results can be expected ;)

anyways i have started my own blog please visit and gimme some feedback. I like yours.

Smart Alec

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for your comments, Alec. I like your blog, especially the use of colour photographs.

I completely agree with you about Sree Sreesanth - if you look hard enough you'll find at least a couple of posts on here which relate to him in very complimentary terms, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him in England this summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments. You are on my blogroll too.
Smart Alec

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