Final Analysis

So, India won the Twenty20. I didn't see enough to offer too many opinions, other than that I don't half like the look of RP Singh.

Sambit Bal sums it all up very well here.


Amit Bajaj said...

while there doesn't seem to be too much congruence in our views on cricket, i definitely liked your header image a lot. It made it to my list of the 9 cricket blogs i wrote about on my blog. Cricket Stories from the Blogosphere. Hope to see you there sometime. Cheers!!

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for the kind words about the picture, Amit. The photo was taken by the Australian photographer and journalist (and former first-class cricketer) Mark Ray, who's a friend of mine and gave me permision to use it.

However, I'm far from 'troubled' by Yuvraj Singh - I think most of the things I've written about him indicate that I admire him immensely and think he's one of the most exceptional strikers of a cricket ball in the world today. And county cricket just happens to be the form of first-class cricket which I get to watch most often - and I enjoy it a lot, especially when my team's winning.

I'll put a link to your blog up on mine asap.

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