Ronnie and Shiv

It was great to see West Indies complete their first Test win at Port-of-Spain since 2000 last night, with the majority of the runs scored by the two classy Guyanese occupants of their middle-order, the enigmatic but resolutely classy Sarwan and their rock of ages, Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

Like every other Windies victory over recent years it probably doesn't mean very much - they remain a side with too many weaknesses to be capable of winning consistently at home, let alone away, but it did bring a few more people into the ground and give an idea of what things might be like if they ever get their act together properly.

Australia, coming soon, will be a much stiffer test.


Anonymous said...

I think no one grudges a West Indies win, irrespective of your nationality. Past their pomp and in complete shambles these days, you can't help but sympathise for those guys. They are like Brazil in football and India in field hockey -- the spiritual home of the game. Hope they just don't get complacent and keep up the good work.

I have been reading your posts for a while. Do visit mine at www.gonewiththewindies.blogspot.com and if link exchange interests you, plz let me know so that we can be in each other's blogroll. Howzzat!

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks very much for the comment, Som. Much appreciated. I totally agree with your sentiments re the West Indies, well expressed in terms of Brazil and India.

I'll be happy to add you to my blogroll and will make sure I drop by regularly.

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