Another Day...

Another English cricketer says that he's rejected an offer from the IPL. Yesterday it was Ravi Bopara, today it's Sajid Mahmood.

What to make of it? Well, it was inevitable that English players would be offered IPL contracts, and it's even more inevitable that, one day soon, they'll start accepting them. How many of us, if offered, say, five times the money for a fraction of the work, would do anything else? I know I'd be off like a shot, but then I've got no hope of playing for England, and it was good to see that Bopara was more concerned about his potential future in the national side than the amount of Indian cash he could make, at least in the short term.

For a player like Bopara - young, with both plenty of talent and a good temperament, and bang in form, this is how it should be. As for Mahmood, well, with the emergence of Sidebottom and Broad, he's going to have to find some very good form of his own in the near future if he's not to be consigned permanently to the well-filled pigeonhole marked 'former England internationals'. Personally I'll be very surprised if he ever plays for England again, and, if I was him, I'd have gone.

But then I'm just about as far from being Sajid Mahmood as it's possible to be, so my perspective on life is bound to be a bit different from his. If he wants to stay here and fight to regain his England place, good luck to him.

As I've said, the attractions of the IPL are obvious and undeniable. And sometimes they're even better than that. Consider for a minute the case of Dimitri Mascarenhas, who at the moment is presumably being paid a very large amount of money for doing absolutely nothing.

I'd take it.

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