Jimmy Jimmy

Whatever happens at The Oval - and with some decent breaks in the weekend weather they ought to win - the post mortems on England's home Test season will soon be under way.

There'll be a few ticks in the minus column but one definite plus has to be the form and consistency shown by James Anderson, who finally, finally, seems to be growing into his role as an international seam bowler.

His over to, and dismissal of, Graeme Smith this evening was a beautiful example of how far he's come. While always a natural swinger of the ball, for a long time Anderson only seemed capable of moving it in one direction, and his effectiveness was further reduced by his regular failure to maintain a consistent line, length and seam position. Here, though, we had him setting up Smith with a series of away-swingers to the left-hander before nailing him stone dead lbw with an inswinger which Smith, having been moved across his stumps by the earlier deliveries, was powerless to resist.

A check of the replay revealed that the position of the ball's seam was perfect; in an age of reverse swing, this was the conventional article at its good old-fashioned deadly best.

For Anderson it seems as though the years of flitting in and out of the side and travelling the world in search of a regular game are over, and, with his improved batting and brilliant fielding, he's starting to look, whisper it, like someone who really belongs in the side.

For a bowler of his type India and the West Indies this winter will prove tough assignments, but he's now sure to be there, and I, for one, will be happy to see him.


Anonymous said...

I have always liked James Anderson and am so pleased that he has cemented his place in the side now. He brings a lot to this England team and hopefully, he can continue to have a fine international career.

Rob said...

Jimmy does seem to have found much more consistency this season and in some ways has been the best England bowler on show over the summer... bowled poorly this morning though...

Brian Carpenter said...

Yes, funny little session this morning, wasn't it? Some iffy bowling, perhaps indicating that the mental approach wasn't what it should have been and indicating that they were just waiting for the rain to come.

I think Jimmy's here to stay this time, though.

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