No Smoke Without Fire

Happy New Year.

While passing the time in freezing and gloomy Derbyshire over Christmas I managed to see much of the action from Melbourne, where Australia were ultimately despatched in some style by South Africa. And the third Test, starting tonight at the SCG, will still be very watchable, if only to see if the Proteas can make it 3-0. While the relative decline of Australia was inevitable, I'm sure it won't prove terminal, but it is an experience full of the most relishable Schadenfreude imaginable, especially when you look at Cricinfo to see Punter flanked by the latest couple of debutants dredged up by the selectors. A few eyebrows may be raised around Worcester when local cricket fans realise that Doug Bollinger, who didn't exactly cover himself in glory during a stint at New Road in 2007, is one of them.

Closer to home, everyone's wondering what's going on with Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores. I'm inclined to think that there's no smoke without fire, especially since the two were reported to have had talks to clear the air between them just after Pietersen was appointed captain last summer. If, as has been reported, KP is making an issue out of the fact that Vaughan wasn't selected for the West Indies then I think he's wrong, as there seemed to me to be no way that Vaughan could be selectd without opening up those responsible to charges of the most ludicrous favouritism imaginable, but it would be interesting to see who the last man standing would be if it came down to a choice between the captain and his coach.

On the one hand you have a batsman of genius (and a promising captain) who, unencumbered by traditional English modesty, is clearly prepared to speak his mind and rock the boat if he thinks a cause is worth defending. On the other you have a coach who embodies the modern technocratic approach to player preparation but who hasn't covered himself in glory since he took on the England job. Up to now Moores has avoided too much criticism, mainly, I suspect, because he isn't Duncan Fletcher and has a bit more charm and politeness about him (which isn't hard), but, personable though he is, it's probable that he may not be as good as a coach as Fletcher.

If it comes down to a choice between the two, I know who I'd back.


Rob said...

"In the fullness of time and taking everything into account I think that being a talent facilitator is vital. You must allow players to express themselves especially those who are having a bad run. Just sketching it out on the back of an envelope shows you that we are a very young team who are building for the future. We really need to get back to basics and show off our areas of specialism"

...as Peter Moores would say.

Brian Carpenter said...

Cheers, Rob. What?

Som said...

KP simply fell from grace in my eyes. I'm no Moores worshipper but you need a better reason to pick up a fight with someone, even if it's Moores.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year and Happy Blogging.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Som. Happy New Year to you as well.

Re KP, I think you're right. If it comes to someone going (which it probably will) then it's bound to be Moores. But that doesn't make KP right or sensible to have done what he's done.

That, though is the type of guy he is; but England can't do without his runs or the presence he brings to the crease, which, for an England player, is unique.

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