IPL? In England? In April?

The other thing some people seem to be getting excited about this morning is the idea that the IPL, which is apparently unable to be played in India this year because of security concerns and the elections which are scheduled to take place at around the same time, might come to England.

Regardless of the fact that the sun's been shining in most of the country for the last week or so and it's often felt quite warm, the fact remains that England in April is often a deeply inhospitable place weatherwise (and it often isn't much better during the summer), with conditions usually more conducive to pulled hamstrings than pull shots. And if it's not freezing then it's usually raining so much that ark building seems a more likely activity than cricket.

Maybe I'm being too negative, so we'll just have to see how it pans out. I assume that Giles Clarke is on the case (which is another thing to be concerned about).


Rob said...

April is one of those weird months where it can be quite nice. Two years ago we had our garden 'done'. There was so little rain that by mid May the grass was looking really horrible and splitting apart. Last year it hardly stopped raining all month...

Brian Carpenter said...

True enough, Rob. Just playing up the stereotype a bit.

It seems from Cricinfo as though it'll be the TV rights issue(Sky v Setanta) that'll kill it stone dead over here anyway. No wonder old Colvile could hardly bring himself to mention it this mornng.

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