Less for More

With a lot of sorting out to do after my holiday, I'm a bit late posting about Chris Gayle's comments about the future of Test cricket.

Despite some of the predictable howls of outrage and the fact that I love Test cricket, I didn't see a great deal to get upset about. He's entitled to his opinions and there are always going to be professional sportsmen who don't share the views of those who watch them (by no means all of whom can disagree or Test grounds all over the world would be full).

To Gayle, it would appear, the fact that you can earn more by doing less is all that matters, and why shouldn't it? Those of us in more mundane jobs wouldn't hesitate if we were given the chance to work less and earn more, so why should a jobbing cricketer be any different?

Of course, if you were the West Indies board you'd have more than the odd doubt about whether Gayle's the right man to captain your Test side, and the team's performances in the last two games won't have done much to dispel those.

As a Test captain Gayle must be living on borrowed time, but I don't think he deserves castigation for holding what is a perfectly defensible view.

There's plenty of evidence that Gayle's in a minority among his fellow internationals, so there isn't too much to lose sleep over.

For the time being.


Thiru Cumaran said...

Yep, ur rite, everyone has a right to comment, and Gayle's comments are perfectly timed (just like the sixes he's whacking now), considering how stupid the scheduling has been!

Rob said...

I wondered if his comments was a sign of his disgust at missing IPL games (and money) while having to play in England in early May. It must have wound him up a bit especially as he was only there because the Sri Lankans wouldn't turn up as they were in the IPL.

Brian Carpenter said...

I think that's almost certainly true, Rob. All in all, I think it would have been better for everyone if this Test series had never taken place - the weather's been rubbish, the crowds have been poor and the cricket's been one-sided.

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