Always in Control

I watched the latter stages of the Cardiff rearguard on the clubhouse television at the County Ground in Taunton. A relatively small, tense, occasionally ribald crowd counted the overs down until the draw which England never looked like getting or deserving had been achieved.

For me what stood out wasn't the iron will of Paul Collingwood - this is now a commonplace - or the unlikely straight-bat poise of Monty (aided by Ponting's strange use of his bowlers at the end), or the guts of Graeme Swann. It was Jimmy Anderson.

Clearly he's been working hard on his batting - he's always had ability but suffered through never having served a long county apprenticeship - but the key to what happened yesterday is the increased assertiveness which he's developed as a result of the way in which his bowling has come on over the last year. Despite the circumstances he always looked in control, and, in retrospect, you could find yourself thinking that the outcome was never in doubt.

England go to Lord's level and I'll be there. I doubt if Monty will, but what he was involved in yesterday will be a memory he can fall back on in times to come.

Let's hope it helps him to rediscover some of what his bowling's lost.


Krish said...

A Test record for no ducks after so many innings does not come so easily. It is unfortunate that only the hard-hitters get the all-rounder label. Anderson could end up with a lot of runs, but still be treated as a nightwatchman.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Krish. Quite a lot of people seem to have picked up on the 'no ducks' record, and rightly so.

I think there are real signs that his batting is improving, and, as I hinted in the orignal post, I think it's got a lot to do with his increased confidence.

I can't see him ever becoming an all-rounder but as a new-ball bowler who can bat okay, he'll do for me.

John Fuller said...

Hi Brian, jealous of you in two ways - being at Taunton and also getting a ticket to Lord's! I'll have to suffice with Sky. Good to see you're still blogging and yes Jimmy Anderson is batting very sensibly but it was our bowling that disappointed me and the way our first innings with the bat tailed off. Still, Somerset marching along quite nicely.

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