No Coming Back

Amid the media-led clamour for the selection of Mark Ramprakash last week, more than a few voices were heard to suggest the name of another player whose international career ended a while ago, this time by his own choice.

For too many people the fact that Marcus Trescothick retired from international cricket for mental health reasons seems to be irrelevant and the reasoning seems to be that if he can still do it for Somerset (and boy can he), he should be able to step up to Test cricket without a backward glance.

Although his illness showed itself at its worst during tours abroad, there's no guarantee that he would be able to cope with the heightened pressure of home Test cricket either, especially after three years out. Like Ramprakash he might want to, but he wasn't - and isn't - ever coming back.

What England are missing was underlined by his batting at Twenty20 finals day on Saturday. Two displays of dismissive power which few modern English players could have matched, three or four more overs of which in the Final would surely have brought his team the title.

It was also great to hear him talk with feeling about how he felt standing in the Long Room on the first day of the Lord's Test, although you suspect that it's truly impossible for anyone to get close to knowing what it's like to have been there before, to know that you're good enough to still be there, but be unable to do anything about it.

Those of us lucky enough to be able to get to Taunton regularly will just have to settle for watching him lay waste to county attacks on Somerset's behalf, hopefully for many years to come.

See you on Gimblett's Hill later in the week.


Thiru Cumaran said...

To be quite honest, I hadn't watched Tres batting on TV before...just read about him and saw the amazing stats on scoreboards.

Therefore, I decided to plan my work so that I could watch the Somerset innings in the semi-finals and, wow, what an exhibition! He was carting it around so elegantly and effortlessly! Now I really see why a lot of people still pine for Tres.

It truly is a real pity that we won't be seeing him in England colors ever! :(

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Tragic.

I've been lucky enough to watch him throughout his career - I saw his maiden century for Somerset in 1994, saw him make at least one ton for England, have seen him look good this season although he hasn't made big runs when I've been there. He has his faults (lack of foot movement) but for sheer timing and power he doesn't have many equals among modern English batsmen.

I've added you to my Blogroll with pleasure.

Thiru Cumaran said...


Lack of foot movement isn't necessarily a bad thing...look at Sehwag and Jayasuriya! :)

Brian Carpenter said...

You're not wrong - in fact Sehwag was going through my mind when I wrote that!

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