Half an Eye

Feeling like death warmed up after someone's cut your abdomen open and rearranged the contents (it's okay, the person responsible was a surgeon) isn't a great frame of mind in which to watch any game of cricket, but I managed to keep half an eye on yesterday's events while wondering about my immediate future on earth.

I always thought Suresh Raina was class, and the boy Tendulkar (as an English football manager would say), well, he's got something too.

I'm off for a good lie down. See you in a couple of weeks.


The Old Batsman said...

Blimey, bad luck mate. Hope you get well soon. I like Raina, too, but he remains suspect against the short ball. Sweet timer, tho'.

Homer said...

Take care Brian. Get well soon!

Shrawan Raja said...

Will miss you. See you soon :-)

Brian Carpenter said...

Cheers, guys. I'm almost feeling normal again and will be back in the swing of things in the next week or so.

Seeing Eoin Morgan yesterday certainly livened me up a bit!

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