They Call it Madness

There can be little doubt that South Africa, and the South African cricket community, expected to beat England. In fact, I think a lot of people probably didn't expect England to be at the races.

The fact that the series was drawn - whether England deserved it or not - has led to one of South African cricket's periodic bouts of blood-letting, even if the reasons for it are much more long-standing and complex.

Rumours abound. One of them suggests that Arthur resigned because the wind seemed to be blowing in the direction of Jacques Kallis's omission from the forthcoming Indian tour. And today I read that Graeme Smith isn't the most popular player in the country. In the words of one Kevin McCallum:

Smith is resented because he seems so sure of himself, because he scores his runs in such an ugly manner, and at such a rapid rate. This fear of confidence in South Africa is utterly bizarre. The perception of Smith is based more on emotion than the make-up of the man.

Just in case anyone hadn't noticed, Jacques Kallis and Graeme Smith can both bat a bit.

Are these people mad?


Cricket Tragic said...

Yes, indeed, the firing of Mickey Mouse was quite amazing! Granted, SA didn't do too well last year but, come on, he had 4 good, no actually, awesome years, so I feel he deserved a chance.

Someone on, I think, sport24.co.za, said that, with the success of the Springboks with a black coach, Gerald Majola was just looking for an excuse to kick Arthur out and get in a black coach....

Sad, I say, sad..

Marylebone central heating said...

Yes i agree, he did give a good few years and his treatment was unfair.

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