Gould Will Live

Ian Gould is a friendly, avuncular man. I've been watching him around cricket for more than thirty years and he's always been like that. He likes a joke, and, despite the odd recent howler (of which more below), he can umpire bloody well. Players like him, and he's been one of the best recent additions to the ICC Elite Panel.

However, while allowing for his obvious and unquestioned impartiality, he would barely be human if he didn't feel a small hint of reflex pleasure when India flopped over the line yesterday. If they'd lost after he wrongly sent Ishant on his way then he would really have needed his sense of humour to deal with some of the stick that would have come his way.

He, and India, and Ishant, and the glorious Laxman, live to fight another day.

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Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

You're right there Brian. He got that one wrong, although the ball did everything right up until the last moment.

The thing that shocked me the most was Billy passing up the chance to decide the match with the LBW he didn't give when Johnson trapped Ojha.

It was most unlike Billy Bowden to pass up the chance to be the center of attention.

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