A Full House of Negatives

Whatever happens as this game plays out, things look truly grim for Australia. Grim in a way they haven't against England for a quarter of a century.

One of my favourite memories from the summer before I went to university is the day Gooch and Gower flogged a pallid Australian attack all over Kennington. Today, with the hapless Xavier Doherty playing the part of Murray Bennett, and Shane Watson as Simon O'Donnell, Cook, Trott and Pietersen did much the same.

For the majority of the twenty-five years which have elapsed since that day, the Australian cricket team has had it all. It still has, only now it is a full house of negatives: a threadbare, poorly selected attack; batsmen who are ageing, or lack form, or both; fielders who cannot take catches which should be routine at Test level.

It's still possible, given the benign pitch and the possibility of rain later in the game, for Australia to escape defeat in Adelaide, but the psychological damage being done here is huge.

Australia's glory years were really over as soon as all the greats had retired, but full confirmation of what this has meant on the pitch has taken a while longer to come.

Now, though, it is over. And there is nothing that anyone - least of all Ponting - can do about it.


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Hi Brian,

Maybe the last 25 years of thrashings have taken there toll on me, but I'm still a bit apprehensive about predicting Australia's demise (just yet).

But the facts are, as admitted by Ponting, that Ausrtralia have now been comprehensively outplayed by England for 5 days on the trot.

When has that ever happened recently?

Even so, as Pietersen said, it's still 0-0. The last thing we need is rain to save the Aussies and then they get off to a flyer in the 3rd test.

As you know better than me, test cricket is a strange game. But it would take a remarkable turnaround on current form.

Brian Carpenter said...

I agree I'm sticking my neck out, but, regardless of results, Australia currently look so poor and England so good that I find it really hard to see Australia coming back.

It's hard to see where they can go with the bowling attack and Ponting looks as though he's completely run ou of ideas.

Let's look at these predictions again after Sydney...

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

The evidence was there for all to see, England outplayed Australia and on current form it looks hard to see a way back for Australia.

I just have this over cautious view when it comes to Australia.

Thankfully England's management don't seem to be letting complaceny set in judging by Andy Flower's remarks.

But all it takes is for a dodgy 1st session in Perth next week and the Aussies could be back in the series.

I think it's like the Germans with football for me, until the result is confirmed I think a part of me is always going to be a bit concerned about an Aussie comeback.

It's brought on by the years of torture!

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