Vying for Superiority

Going back to work in January is never great. It's even less enjoyable when it means you have to forsake the TV for the Cricinfo commentary on one of the best day's cricket of the winter.

With Australia and England vying for superiority in Sydney, South Africa and India produced a minor classic at Newlands.

Tendulkar we know to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time. But a few people, especially, perhaps, in England, may not yet have quite realised what a magnificent fast bowler Dale Steyn is.

But not so good that Harbhajan Singh can't drive him for one of the purest straight sixes you could ever see.

With, respectively, two and three days to go, each match is beautifully poised.


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I've made a point of writing a bit about the South Africa, India series myself lately.

With the Ashes going on, it's easy to overlook the fact that there is good top quality test cricket going on elsewhere.

It has been a brilliant competitive series in SA.

You've also picked up on one of my major gripes, Dale Steyn is the only quality out and out quick left in test cricket.

He is a magnificent sight in full flow, and it's great to see him bowling on wickets that reward good bowling, rather than some of the Chief Executive wickets we are used too, that are helping to kill off fast bowlers.

I hope SA look after him and he stays fit, as I don't think that ICC and groundsmen around the world will do him any favours in the long run.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks as usual, Dean. I've been reading your pieces and enjoying the series myself, although I've struggled to get round to writing much about it.

Steyn is a really superb bowler. If he stays fit and performing for a few more years he could be an all-time great. I've seen plenty of him ever since his debut during the 2004/5 England tour of SA but I've got friends who don't have Sky who'll barely have heard of him as he's rarely bowled anywhere near his best against England.

Hard to know what to say about Kallis. The man's a machine. I might try to write something original about him this weekend...

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Thats very true about Kallis, Brian.

I wrote a piece the other week, in which I claimed that VVS Laxman is the best (test) batsman in the world.

Within one test match, Kallis has got me rethinking my whole opinion. He was unbelievable in Cape Town, I think India would have cruised to victory had he not played here.

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