Giving it the Big Build Up

Tweets and blogposts from people employed in the heart of the cricket media are usually good reading. It's what they're there for after all. This week I've had the pleasure of knowing that Jonathan Agnew, Michael Vaughan and Patrick Kidd (of the Times and The Questing Vole) have all been on their way to the World Cup and have now successfully arrived.

I've been watching my letter box intently for the last few weeks in the hope that some kind soul would be prepared to pay for me to go to the competition and send me some tickets to the sub-continent. Sadly, it hasn't happened. Instead I'm going to be spending the duration of the tournament in England, relying on Sky to keep me in touch with events in the east.

There are compensations, though. For me this is still very much the rugby season, and there are plenty of big games coming up, both for the club I follow (the major success story of the English season) and in the Six Nations. I'm happy to be at home for these. Also, I experienced a deep frisson of world-weariness when Ricky Ponting said something the other day about having to play well 'over the next six weeks'.

Six weeks?! Well, I knew that the mistakes of the last World Cup were going to be repeated this time, but with so much interesting Test cricket going on over recent months I hadn't been thinking about it too much and it's hardly as if the world hasn't already got enough ODIs going on to last an epoch.

I'm sorry to sound so negative, and I'm happy to admit that my views would probably be different if I was fortunate enough to be there.

I gather it all starts in half an hour, so I'd better go and turn on the TV...


Paddy said...

Six weeks *is* far too long for a World Cup, Brian, and you wouldn't feel any different if you were out here, although it would be lovely to have you with us.

I'm only doing the first fortnight for The Times, which is more than long enough with a four-month-old baby back home. You are quite right about missing the rugby. Where will I find somewhere in Bangalore showing England v France?

Brian Carpenter said...

Paddy, you're too kind.

Despite reports of snow further north, today was a beautiful spring day in Exeter - more early April than mid-February - so any yearning for warm weather and cricket was substantially reduced as I sat outside a very nice pub almost getting sunburnt.

Presumably you'll be able to find a pub in Banagalore full of expat Scots and Welsh who'll relish an English defeat. Such places seem to exist in most parts of the globe, although, I concede, probably not India.

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