Photo Opportunity

Indian cricket's greatest day since 1983 seems like an opportune moment to return the photograph which used to appear at the top of this page until the autumn of 2009 to its rightful place.

It was taken at the old Wankhede Stadium by my friend Mark Ray in February 2001. Ten years on Warne has gone, but Sachin, a World Cup winner's medal now safely in his possession, seems destined to go on and on.

Here's looking forward to seeing him on English soil again in a few months' time.


Rob said...

I second that.

Brian Carpenter said...

Good to hear from you again, Rob.

Paddy said...

How long will Sachin go on? He has been in the best form of his life in the past two years. Maybe he will step away from ODIs, having achieved everything he can do in that format, and just become a Test batsman for a few years. Or maybe he will devote himself to helping Somerset win the County Championship

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Paddy.

Sachin's potential longevity fascinates me. A lot of people seem to be assuming that he'll finish soon just because he's almost 38. But, unlike most players of that age, there's no sign of any reduction in his powers, or, crucially, his level of desire, so he could surely go on for another few years if he wants to. I'm sure he'd like a Test century at Lord's.

Beyond that, we'd love to have him at Taunton, but a return to county cricket is probably a step too far, even for him, although Yorkshire might be able to tempt him (I suspect he has a sentimental side).

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