Time for Lunch

I've been writing this blog since July 2006. It's often been hard work but it's usually been enjoyable, and, for what it's worth, it's taken my writing and views to places and people I'd never been able to reach before. Thanks to anyone who's read anything I've written or expressed an opinion. I really appreciate your interest.

This year, though, I've found it progressively harder to be original or even to find the time to come up with anything at all. The number of comments has been down, too, and, unlike the early days, when I was content to write reams of stuff in the knowledge that it could be read around the world (even if hardly anyone was going to do so), when you get a bit longer in the tooth you require the reassurance and stimulation that regular feedback gives you.

My day job has become increasingly busy and stressful this year and this will reach a crescendo over the next few weeks, so I've decided to retreat to the metaphorical pavilion, have a bite to eat, change my shirt, have a rub down and contemplate my tactics for the rest of the day. The new ball is due in mid-afternoon and I want to be ready to take it from the umpire (I'm thinking Billy Bowden here for some reason) and fire a few out.

England will go on playing India, Sri Lanka will go on playing Australia and Zimbabwe will go on playing Pakistan. The English season will conclude. And then it will all begin again.

As someone in a film once said (and possibly Geoff Boycott too after he'd been caught behind off Eknath Solkar at Old Trafford on 8th June 1974):

I'll be back.


John Halliwell said...

I'm sorry to see you go, Brian, but look forward to your return, reinvigourated, with the gleaming new ball, and ready for a long stint from the pavilion end

Homer said...

20 mins break hopefully, and not the end of the season.. Its been a pleasure reading you Brian, and your break is well deserved.. But dont stretch it :)


Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, guys.

As I said, I shall return (in October, if not before).

Anonymous said...

Well-earned break. Look forward to seeing you back after tea.

Backwatersman said...

Hope it is only a brief break. Don't often comment on the blog, but I always read it.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Backwatersman. I had noticed your regular visits, which was, of course, what led me in your direction.

Nice to see Nathan Buck in the wickets the other day...

Paddy said...

I can sympathise. I stopped my Times cricket blog when people stopped reading it post-paywall (comments, even abuse, being the main reason why we blog) but I haven't even blogged on my unpaywalled Questing Vole for a few weeks because I have been both very busy and very very tired (babies do that to you). I wonder whether the rise of Twitter is also making us bloggers slack off?

Like you, I will be back on the Vole soon but in need of a break. And sleep.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Paddy. I assume you needed something to do in the rain breaks once the novelty of riding in a golf cart with Rahul Dravid's wife had worn off!

I don't know whether it's easier or harder for you as a professional writer. For me writing's a recreation, but I still need the time to think and put my thoughts down on paper. No children here but plenty of other things to occupy me.

I'm yet to really get to grips with Twitter. I hope to do that this winter but hopefully it won't detract from the blog.

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