Louder than Figures

Over the years many people have said many things about Jacques Kallis. People have said that he is selfish, that he plays for his average, that he lacks the capacity or the inclination to raise the tempo of his innings when the situation demands it.

It has also regularly been said, especially over recent years, that he doesn't like bowling. Such comments, whether they are accurate or not, create an impression. An impression which Kallis, with his low media profile, has done little to dispel. Kallis has always been a man who has done his talking with his pads on or with the ball in his hand.

If, in your 38th year, with 159 Tests behind you, you can produce the type of delivery which dismissed Azhar Ali at the Wanderers yesterday, and then, later in the day, get off the mark with an off-drive of priceless quality, you have no need to bother about what anyone says.

Of course the statistics say it, but actions always speak louder than mere figures. This is a great, great cricketer.


awbraae said...

Vincent Van Gogh was underappreciated during his life too, so it will be with Kallis. People will only realise his greatness after he is retired.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for the comment and I like the look of your blog.

I think things have got better in recent years as people have come to realize both that figures that good can't lie and also that the reality of his performances is even better than the figures.

And he's 37, for Christ's sake.

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