Normal Service Restored

For years and years James Foster was ignored by England.

His artful stumping of Yuvraj tonight - a vital turning point in a pulsating game which England won well - was the time he finally re-emerged into the light, showcasing his talent and justifying his selection.

It's best not to underestimate the capriciousness of the England selectors but you have to feel that he'll be back to stay for a while, at least in one-day cricket.

And that feels right.


Rob said...

Second guessing the selectors.... tut, tut, you should know better than that.

So... why does it make sense to have the best wicket keeper playing in a T20 match and not for the Ashes?

Brian Carpenter said...

I know, Rob, I was just having a mad moment last night. Having thought a bit more carefully they'll probably be wary of hurting Prior's feelings by dropping him from the ODI team, and they'll feel, rightly, that he's a better bat than Foster. Of course we've got a Test series between now and the next ODIs so anything can happen, including, in all probability, Foster returning to Essex and being completely forgotten about...

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