Recipe for Disaster

It's early on the morning after the evening before and I'm off out, so there's no time for too much detailed analysis of that.

Suffice to say that it's one of the oldest truisms of international cricket that when England are playing one-day cricket they're capable of losing to anyone. Throw in the type of complacent attitude which the English professional cricketer specializes in (and which my post yesterday lunchtime mirrored) and a great all-round effort from the Dutch and you have a recipe for disaster.


Som said...

And that too when ppl started tipping them to be tournament favorite!

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Som. In England it's always like that - a few good results against a poor and uninterested team (the West Indies)and everyone (in the media, anyway) thinks they're about to beat the world.

The reality is usually very different.

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