I'm afraid that what I said the other day about there being very little happening in the cricket world at the moment apart from a few ODIs reflected my overwhelming sense of ennui about the eternal, unstoppable caravan that is modern one-day international cricket. It's not the form of the game itself (though I'd take Test cricket any day), just the amount of it being played.

That said, I'll take as much interest in the World Cup as the next man, and one of the most interesting and enjoyable results of the ODI week came yesterday in Wellington, with Australia crashing to their latest heavy defeat, this time at the hands of New Zealand.

Much as I admire them, it's great to see Buchanan's Australia experiencing a different side to life at the top, and one can only hope that their confidence is being sapped so much that they won't be able to regain it in time for the main event.

You wouldn't bet on it, though.

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