Goughie Lad

I've always been a fan of Darren Gough. People who were at Sydney in January 1995, as I was, tend to be.

Nevertheless, the only reason why his return to Yorkshire as captain, announced today, didn't come as a huge surprise, was the fact that it had been widely trailed in the media.

A few weeks ago someone at Cricinfo was speculating about whether his reluctance to re-sign with Essex meant that he was about to retire.

Well, we now know different, although I'm not sure what his appointment says about Yorkshire's prospects for the forthcoming season. With Michael Lumb gone,the McGrath dispute rumbling away and people (rightly) questioning the Jacques Rudolph Kolpak deal, their re-engagement of a thirty-six year-old with a dodgy body and no captaincy experience seems just a bit desperate to me.

Thoughts, anyone?

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