Advantage India

Another long day of runs and umpiring errors, culminating with England having to bat for well over a day to make India bat again.

For what it's worth, given the way the pitch has flattened out and the good weather forecast, I think they've got every chance of doing it.

The key is the first session tomorrow; if India take wickets and Kumble finds his rhythm it'll be very difficult for England. If they can reach lunch without loss and go into the afternoon intact the pressure may start to affect India.


Homer said...

What will also matter is the English run rate in that first session.

India wont be too unhappy if England crawls along at 2 RPO without having lost any wickets versus 3.5-4.0 RPO for no loss.

Brian Carpenter said...

Of course you're right, Homer. Which creates some interesting choices for Dravid in terms of how much - or how little - he attacks. Although, as many wise people have said (usually when referring to one-day cricket), the best way to keep the run-rate down is to take wickets. Kumble is the main danger and he'll be doing a lot of bowling today. And wouldn't Dravid like to have Harbhajan at the other end?

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