Holding the Cards

One day gone at Trent Bridge and India appear to hold most of the cards, having bowled well throughout a truncated Friday. Although,if England had won the toss and had bowled as they did at Lord's, India would have been lucky to manage 169-7.

However, with better weather forecast for today and some of the dampness surely out of the pitch, this looks like a pivotal day in the match and the series. India need to knock over the remaining three England wickets, restrict them to less than 200 and then bat long. If the weather allows enough play later in the game a lead of 150 plus for India would make things very interesting.

I'll be watching from home all day and reporting back tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the visits, Brian.

You've been blogrolled as well. Look forward to being here every now and then.


Brian Carpenter said...

Many thanks for the Blogroll, sfx. I only came across your blog for the first time a few weeks ago and I've been very impressed. I look forward to further exchanges of views about Indian (and other) cricket in the future.

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