Genius at the End of the Day

The retired Lehmann, one of the greatest batting geniuses I ever saw, chats with Jenny Thompson here.


Homer said...

Indian batsmen usually perform strongly against slow bowling and Australia's fast men will try to upset them with rising deliveries during the four Tests. However, Lehmann believes the local conditions will also support the tweakers. "We've had more success in Australia against the Indians with spin because it bounces and spins here more than it does in India, so it plays quite differently," he said.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Homer. I think the Aus-Ind series will be the highlight of the winter and a good measure of how much India have improved. Still a couple more Tests against Pakistan to get through though!

Homer said...


You missed the point :)..

Lehmann says that it bounces and turns more in Australia than in India. And that the Australians have had more success with spin against India at home.


Anonymous said...

India may not field 2 spinners and that would mean only Kumble who doesn't turn much. And with the ball not going to be keeping low, I wonder how effective he will be.

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