You Must Be Kidding

One of the other blogs which I always enjoy reading is Patrick Kidd's Line and Length. Patrick has the great advantage of being paid to write about sport for The Times and so is literally paid to blog, unlike most of the rest of us who do it because we have opinions and like writing (not that Patrick doesn't have opinions or like writing, I'm sure).

Mind you, being paid doesn't mean you're immune from the perils of mad people visiting your site. For some time now, a certain 'Mr.A.Nel' has been leaving 'interesting' comments in response to entries such as this.

Now I've got no idea whether Andre Nel is really leaving comments on Patrick's blog (do you, Patrick?) but, if he is, he seems to be at least as unhinged as he always appears on the pitch. And that, my friends, is quite worrying.

Decent bowler, though (I have to put that in in case he comes after me as well, but I do actually rate him).


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian
Andre Nel has many personalities (including, famously, "Gunther") but I wouldn't dream of questioning whether it is really he leaving comments on my blog. He may thump me!

All the best

Brian Carpenter said...

Sorry, Patrick, but I don't get the 'Gunther' reference. Perhaps you could enlighten me? Or may be Andre could if he drops by...

Anonymous said...

See this link for Gunther: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/cricket/counties/article1907119.ece

He also told Cricinfo about it. It appears Gunther is like the "third Goran" when Ivanisevic won Wimbledon

Anonymous said...


Thought your little blog would escape my notice didn't you?

The only thing 'unhinged' about me is my right shoulder when I'm releasing a 76mph thunderbolt. Which - I must say - I would thoroughly love to do with you at the batting crease.

I would ask that you stand about a foot outside of off stump to help me target your head though. You may have noticed that the stumps are not a 'preferred' area for me. Shut up. I have my reasons.

You've picked a bad day to be giving me shit. The ICC have yet again proven what dullards they are by sticking Murali in at #1 on the rankings. As I've told that moron Kidd over and over, all they need do is ask Ponting, Inzi, Lara etc who they least like to face. Enough friggen said.

Anyway, I may come across as a few boerewors short of a braai, but believe me, I've got a long memory. Ask that namby boy Kidd. He watches cricket with a Teddy bear you know.

I'll be reading carefully. In between terrorising the Kiwis of course.

From: You Know Who

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for the comment, Andre. Or should that be Mr.Nel? I'm really flattered that a real Test cricketer like you could be bothered to take time out from your busy schedule to post a message on my 'little blog'.

As for facing you, well, at 76 mph I might have a chance but weren't you telling Patrick you bowled at 83 yesterday?

Good luck for the next Test

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