Rarely Seen

Many people will know by now that England went on to win the match and hence retain the Ashes, Claire Taylor starring with a match double of 79 and 64 not out. There seems to be a bit of off-field intrigue going on as well, but the result's both more significant and more interesting.

However, this, courtesy of Cricinfo, shows the other side of the women's game.

I'm certainly not poking fun at the efforts of the Bermudan women; it's just that you rarely see scorecards like that on sites like Cricinfo.


Anonymous said...

I think, Women’s cricket comes into the lime light rarely. It is possible to bring about similar excitement around a Ashes series in women’s cricket as it is seen in men’s cricket. I hope, ICC will give some time more on the promotion of Women’s cricket. It is a big chance for ICC to increase its market throughout the world. You can see that in most of the test playing countries men’s cricket is popular sports, but women’s cricket even in those countries have not seen any decisive change. It is very easy to promote women’s cricket in those countries where men’s cricket has already been a popular sport.

Thank you Brian for not making fun of Bermuda women’s cricket team. There are some other writers who have got it the greatest chance to make fun. Bermuda women’s team has come to play at this level recently. They are still inexperienced; even their men’s side is not experienced at all. No doubt, it is a humiliating defeat and many test playing countries suffered such defeats in their early days at the international cricket.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for the comment, Biplob. I saw no reason to make fun of Bermuda - they were obviously trying but just have some way to go before they're up to international standard. As I said, I just found the scorecard amusing as you don't normally see that sort of thing on Cricinfo (or even at the modest level I play at - sides usually score more than 13!).

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