Grinding to a Halt

With the first Test grinding to a drawn halt this morning as Neil McKenzie took the opportunity to further improve his Test average, all that can be said is that the Indian authorities need to try to ensure that future Tests are played on surfaces which offer a bit more to the bowlers. Not easy, but necessary.

The Chennai crowds looked respectable, but, with Tests in India under increasing pressure from the encroachment of the ICL and IPL, there needs to be a bit of a contest for people to watch.

There won't be a triple hundred of the speed of Sehwag's every time...


Anonymous said...

India have a good record in Chennai. Chances are pretty good that they'd have prepared a turner partic agst the Saffers. Think they (the groundsfolk) got stumped by some unseasonal showers just prior to the game.

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks for that, sfx. I didn't know about the showers.

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