Interesting Player

As one Test series comes to an end, so another gets under way, and, with two days gone in Chennai, South Africa have the advantage.

Although it was brought to an end by a dreadful run out, the highlight of South Africa's innings was Hashim Amla's 159.

Interesting player, Amla. I remember his early games against England during the 2004-5 series, when he often looked little more than a walking wicket. However, the South African selectors, seemingly convinced of his class, persisted with him and it seems now as though he's really found his feet, with all those hours spent batting with Kallis doubtless doing him a lot of good.

All that and one of the finest beards seen in international cricket since the great Doctor himself.


Anonymous said...

His beard is similar to W.G.Grace, but he has a long ay to go when it comes to batting. :)

Brian Carpenter said...

Thanks, Ottayan, and welcome along.

I think Amla usually walks when he's bowled...

Viswanathan said...

Thanks for the welcome.

"I think Amla usually walks when he's bowled" - I almost missed the joke. Good one. :)

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