I'm not a huge fan of Jonathan Agnew; he's obviously a nice bloke, loves his cricket, but he's often a bit bland for my liking and sounds as though he's auditioning for a part as the new 'Johnners'. However, it was good to hear him coming down strongly against the selection of Darren Pattinson when I walked in this evening, as I agreed with every word. Where his critique really hit the nail on the head was in his focus on what the selection would say to the range of English bowlers who could, indeed should, have been picked ahead of him.

It was a bizarre decision on a number of levels. Consider this:

a. To all intents and purposes he's Australian.

b. Before today he'd played in eleven first class matches and is almost thirty years old.

c. He'd only ever bowled at Headingley once. In a Twenty20 game.

d. His captain had only seen him bowl once. In a Twenty20 game.

e. Regardless of his ability - and the stats speak of a decent bowler with some promise although probably a bit old to ever fulfil it - it was asking a huge amount for him to take his place in a side in which he'd never met or even played against most of his team-mates, on a ground he didn't know, and produce his best form.

A penny for the thoughts tonight of Steve Harmison, Matthew Hoggard, Simon Jones and Chris Tremlett.


Rob said...

Well said Brian.

I heard an interview with Geoff 'Never Turned a Ball in my Life' Miller in which his justification for picking Patinson was that 'he qualifies for England'. Well, so do I, but I doubt it would make it okay to select me. When asked about the others he said 'We feel they still have a way to go'. I seriously wonder if the selectors have all their marbles.

There is also Glen Chapple and Kabir Ali who are ahead of Pattinson in the averages. Tim Murtagh has lots more wickets...

Brian Carpenter said...

Cheers, Rob. A good mention for Kabir Ali who I've always liked and saw bowling well earlier this season. Probably not a Test player but we're never likely to know.

I'm just waiting for Pattinson to take loads of wickets, but it still won't make sense if he does.

Anonymous said...

What's the story with Simon Jones??

The man who won them the Ashes is the best swing bowler in the world.

Instead they rush Freddie back and pick some Aussie who walks around with his eyes shut.

Rob said...

Freddie is class and looks it. Pattinson just looks disappointing...

Forgot another two: Bresnan and Sajid Mahmood.

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