Every so often, even with the ICC, you hear about a decision which just makes you go 'what?!'. The reprehensible decision to regard the Oval Test of 2006 as a draw and ignore the fact that Pakistan refused to play, is one such moment.

Anybody who wants to know what I thought at the time can read about it here. I had my doubts about Hair (and Doctrove, and Procter), but you can't have sides just refusing to play. If they do, they lose (see Law 21.3.a (ii)). However in this case, Pakistan seem to have been retrospectively awarded a draw.

So now you have the ICC disregarding the laws of the game they're supposed to be administering.

Can it get any worse than that?


Som said...

Inbia is banking on ICC to win the 2003 World Cup, retrospectively.

Som said...

Sourav Ganguly is waiting to be named captain of the 2003 World Cup winning Indian team, retrospectively.

Rob said...

I hear they are going to declare the 2005 Ashes test at Edgebaston a draw because Kaspervich had his hand off the bat when the balled clipped it.

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