There's Always Something

Aside from events on the field it was an interesting few days - a near monsoon on Friday, with play, amazingly, following a couple of hours later; Ottis Gibson taking ten wickets in an innings on Saturday; and, most impressive and moving of all, RP Singh taking off his cap to acknowledge the applause of the members in the Long Room on Sunday in a gesture at once old-fashioned and deeply impressive.

That's what I like about trips to London (and Lord's). There's always something happening.


Anonymous said...

congrats to Ottis Gibson, he's been magnificent since he came to Durham, taking plenty of Wickets and scoring some valuable runs too (making a personal best of 155 in the final game of last season, was a major contributor in keeping us up). Given his coaching background, I also think he's been a valuable help for our young bowlers.

As one article I read in the last few days put it (sadly i can't find the blog post, or the newspaper article where i read it) it's interesting how the leading wickettakers and runscorers this season are mainly in the latter half of their careers

Div 1 - Leading Runscorers

Ramprakash (age 37)
Benkenstein (33)
Di Venuto (33)
Adams (37)
Rudolph (26)

Div 1 - Leading Wicket takers

Mushtaq Ahmed (37)
Gibson (38)
Warne (37)
Naved-ul-Hasan (29)
Murilitharan (35)

Div 2 - Runs

Hussey (30)
Trescothick (31)
Katich (31)
White (23)
Langer (36)

Div 2 - Wickets

Kaneria (26)
Caddick (38)
Lungley (27)
Shreck (29)
Wiloughby (32)

of the 20 names, only 1 player under 25, only 6 under 30. Combined with the success of the selection of Sidebottom, it does make you wonder whether this obsession with selecting players to represent England in their early 20's, is really always the way to go..

well, that was a bit more long winded than I intended ::laughs::

Brian Carpenter said...

Many thanks, Durham fan. He may be getting on a bit but I think Gibson would have done a bit better than most of this summer's West Indies attack...

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